Graphics Portfolio

This page has been created solely to serve as a vehicle to showcase Graphics work I have done and as a reference to be linked to from resumes.

These first images are from my Screen-Printing day. One of our favorite customers was a local dance studio named "Bonies Dance Studio". I always enjoyed creating and producing the artwork fo their various projects.

These first few images are peice I created for use with bot h T-shirts and various print jobs

Bonies Logo
Bonies Nutcracker
Bonies United We Dance


these next few images are some airbrush peices I did at a time when my family was involved with the potbelled pig craze that was popular around the country.

My Uncle was in fact a breader and supplier in the Texas market.

The little guy with the watermelon was our pet and his name was Romeo

Pig - N - boots
Watermelon Pig

Next begins some images I created as samples for a "" banner / logo

These images were created using primarily Adobe Photoshop. Some of the early development of these images was started using Coreldraw and then Adobe Illustrator.

Watermelon Pig

Banners, Bullets & Page Elements

Web banners



Following are a collection of various page and formatting bullets, glyphs, etc.

Some Bullets

one , two , three ,

hashtag , hashtag , hashtag